Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something in the Air - Updated with a Video

As my due date draws closer, I've been trying to slowly get all of our ducks in a row to prepare for the arrival of Baby Brother. This has included everything from nesting and organizing to preparing Axel for the change that is about to happen. Luckily I have a handful of friends who have dealt with the same transition in just the past couple of months. Even down to the same age gap. This has been extremely enlightening for me and I am so grateful that I've been able to pick their brains and receive helpful foresight and advice.

One of the biggest and most important things I keep hearing is that Axel and Jordan will need to become Best Buds when the baby comes. Now don't get me wrong, Jordan is an AMAZING daddy. I mean, world class, top notch, wonderful! But, Axel and I have an extremely deep and close bond that I pretty much consider untouchable. Those of you who are mothers will know exactly what I am referring to. Parents are parents and I know Jordan loves our Ax Man as much as I do, but a mother has this odd almost psychic connection with her child/children that a father can't touch. I've been wondering how Jordan can pick up on these things and take the reins so that if my attention shifts to Baby Brother, Axel won't feel left out. To be honest, I was doubting Jordans (or anyone else's) ability to be Axels best friend. Because I AM his best friend.

But, as is always the case.. I've been (softly) slapped in the face with something truly beautiful, and a reminder how how powerful families are...especially the power of fathers. In the past week or two Jordan and Axel have had this bizarre natural pull towards each other that I really can't describe as well as I'd like, but it's different than anything I've seen with them before. It's really as if nature is sensing the impending change and is guiding them to each other. It is the sweetest thing ever. When Axel wakes up he always gets so excited to see me. He does a little dance and wraps his arms so tightly around my neck when I pick him up from his crib. He still does all of this but now he also puts two hands on my cheeks, and asks "Dada?" or "Daaa-eeee?" (daddy).. Wondering if Jordan is home. Which, sadly he's already at work when Ax wakes up.

There are so many other examples I could record but I think the point is pretty clear. I am so grateful for our Eternal family and for the strong connections we have in this home. I am so grateful for the balance that Jordan and I have when it comes to parenting and our preferences.

I know that having two little ones will be a challenge as our routines change and we all adjust to having a newborn around, but I also know that the blessing of having children, and the sweet spirits they are in our home is the most fulfilling thing in the world. I am so grateful for my amazing family and am so excited to see how the next few months unfold for us!

I had to add this video to the post. You can't really see what's going on (other than the clutter on our living room floor.. ), but you can hear it. Jordan is pretending to run into Axel's feet. When I try to play this game, you can hear crickets. When Jordan plays it with Axel, well.. you can hear the reaction. I love this belly laugh!


  1. What a sweet post. I love it. I totally know what you mean regarding you and Axel's deep bond. I've been told by other friends that those kinds of bonds do not happen with every child. Each bond is different according to them. I'm happy for you and your soon to be family of 4! :)

  2. Ohhhh how sweet! You guys are such awesome parents. Creed and I were just talking about that the other day, when Ella has a sibling. It makes me sad in a way, but then grateful at the same time. I can't wait for your little man to be here! This post made me smile.

  3. So cute, I love that laugh!!! So excited for you guys and the new baby!!

  4. It's so sweet to hear how Jordan and Axel are bonding. And it's really adorable to see/hear the proof! What a great laugh. It's like the perfect little baby laugh!