Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 Months Going on 2 Years

I guess you could say I sort of forgot about this blog for a couple of months. With the packing, moving, unpacking, and everything else, blogging completely slipped my mind. So here's what's up with Coke, Butter, and Axel Jay...

I love being a Mommy more than anything I have ever done. I honestly can't really remember life without my sweet boy! Believe it or not, my little man is almost 1 already! ONE! How can he be so grown up?! For those of you who haven't had the chance to meet my crazy child, or see him lately, here is an update.

Axel is 10 months old.
He is a SOLID 27lbs. 27 HEAVY pounds.
He is loud and loves to talk. He's been saying "Da-da" for awhile, and just started saying "Ma-Ma", although he kind of says "Mum-ma" and it's adorable. He also carries on conversation in gibberish and a lot of character.
He only has his two bottom teeth so far, but we're all fine with that. I'll miss his gummy grin.
He is always, and I mean ALWAYS happy. (A huge change from his early life of colic and reflux..not fun!)
He has the biggest, most contagious smile ever.
He loves getting attention from others and really lays on the charm with the ladies.
He loves other kids and always wants to interact and play with them.
He loves doggies and other animals.
He crawls like the flash!
He get's into everything, and is still putting just about anything into his mouth. His favorite non-edible thing to eat? Toilet paper.
Nothing gets past Axel.
He loves it when Mama says "I'm gonna get you!" and we chase each other around the house.
After instruction from Jordan, Axel loves blowing raspberries on Mama's tummy.
He loves Spaghetti and strawberries, but seems to dislike apples, applesauce, and apple juice.
He loves bath time and squeals for joy when I turn the faucet on!
He loves it when Mama sings to him, and makes up funny dances.
He is also starting to mimic me when I talk, hand gestures and all.

I love my Axie so so so so much and am so grateful for the happy, sweet, loving baby that he is, and the smiles he gives me all day every day!