Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look What I Found...

My birth story that I wrote back in 2010 and never published! Better late than never.. Here's what I wrote..

I've been wanting so badly write and update everyone on our sweet, perfect, wonderful baby Axel! But, as I'm sure you can all imagine, finding time to sit and write everything I would like to say has been a little difficult! Right now my little monkey is asleep in my lap, making funny faces and cute smiles while he dreams.

I don't even know where to start to catch everyone up! Axel arrived, as planned on August 31st via c-section. We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 10:30am and the surgery was scheduled for 1:00pm. However, at 11:15am they wheeled me into the OR! I couldn't believe we were about to get started! Was I ready? I guess I had to be! Everything went great. The only scary part was the spinal block, and I don't even know why I was afraid of it, but something inside me just started to get a little freaked. Feeling my body go so numb was pretty crazy! I kept telling the doctors and anesthesiologist "I don't think I'm totally numb yet!...I can still feel pins and needles.. Hey.. guys.. I don't think I'm numb.." Then Jordan quietly told me that the first cut had already been made. I guess I was numb! It was weird feeling all the tugs and pulls, but not feeling any pain. Jordan got to watch pretty close as they cut deeper and deeper. At one point I heard him say "Oh man.. dark hair!!" and I knew my baby was almost out! They had a hard time getting his huge head out of the incision space. I think it took about 3 minutes! I could feel the doctor heaving and pushing down below my rib cage with what felt like all of his might! Again, I didn't feel much, but it did make me grunt a little. Suddenly everyone got really excited and a few seconds later I heard my baby cry! It's funny that as I write this it makes me cry, but at the time I remember just breathing hard and making this weird half cry half laughing noise. They showed him to me for a few seconds and then took him to be cleaned off. I immediately ordered Jordan to "follow that baby!" and not let him out of his sight! I can't even describe how I was feeling at this time. There was so much going on! The biggest thing I remember though was feeling like a huge weight was removed from me! It felt like my stomach was being deflated, and it felt good! I got to sort of hold Axel while they were stitching me up, but at this point I was starting to feel sort of groggy. It was so nice when they put him on my chest so I could really get a good look at him! It was definitely love at first sight!

About a half hour later, once I had been wheeled back into the mommy/baby unit, Jordan brought Axel into the room and I was able to HOLD him. Finally, HOLD HIM, and nurse him for the first time. He ate like a champ!

The entire time I was pregnant, I had people telling me all their birthing horror stories, or saying things like, "you just wait til he's out.. you'll be wishing he was back in" (totally NOT true!), but the funny thing is.. no one warned me about how hard nursing can be! Axel had a strong suck immediately, and after the first few latches I was in major pain! By the time I got home from the hospital I was crying every time I would nurse. Not fun! We saw the hospital lactation specialist a few days after we came home from the hospital and she saved my life! For anyone who has troubles nursing, I highly recommend a nipple shield. It is my best friend.

Fast forward to three weeks later...

We are finally starting to get the hang of things