Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And We're Having A....

I had another ultrasound on Tuesday of this week. I am officially (as of Tuesday) 16 weeks pregnant, and lately I have been feeling great! Baby Stanley is still resting comfortably on my sciatic nerve, which isn't so great but he/she is worth it! Our appointment was a great start to our day. Jordan left his English class a little early so he could come with me (bless his heart), and it was so fun seeing our little one again! I can't believe how much he/she has grown in only four weeks! He/She was moving around like crazy! The ultrasound tech could barely get the measurements she needed because Baby Stanley wouldn't stop squirming. It was so cute. We wont have a full anatomy scan for another 4 weeks, but she did try to look for the gender and she said, "It looks like a boy..." Jordan asked if that is her final answer, and she basically told us not to go buy any clothes or gender friendly colors yet, but she thinks it's a boy. So it turns out, everyone was right for the most part! I'm just going to assume it's a boy until we hear otherwise. Usually when it looks like a boy, it's a boy! We'll find out for sure though on April 20th. Then I can finally start preparing for our little one! We have our names picked out, but the girl name will remain a secret until we get to use it. We sort of made it up, and it is beautiful! I promise it's not one of those weird names she'll get teased for later, or anything that can easily be turned into something perverted or odd. I think you all will love it. The boy name however, is no secret. He'll be our little Axel. We firmly decided on that name on our third or fourth date I think. That makes us sound like freaks, I know... but hey.. it's good to be prepared right?

We've had the same ultrasound tech each time, and she's been able to get the best pictures of the baby for us! Here's the latest..

Just look at that beautiful profile! Whenever I look at it I just stare and stare. He (or She) is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We are so lucky!

The rest of the day was actually a really special day for me. I don't know how to explain it, but after all the little happenings of the day I finally felt the reality of what is about to happen for Jordan and I. After the ultrasound I went to work at Northstar Aesthetics where I am just getting started and wearing many hats. I'm working at the front desk, busily checking in medical and aesthetics patients. It's a lot to absorb, but it's fun to learn and I really love the whole medical side of my job. Aside from playing little-miss-front-desk, I'll be taking aesthetics patients, and next week I'm taking a permanent make-up class, which will be great to add to my credentials. Once I'm certified, I'll be taking patients for that as well. After work, Jordan and I picked up Brother Carey, a friend from Jordan's mission in Boise. Brother Carey is one of the nicest men either of us has ever met. When I was stranded in Boise a few weeks ago with car troubles, he came to the rescue. We picked him up from the hospital where he was spending time with his daughter, her husband, and their one-day-old little girl. We took him do dinner and had a wonderful time. Afterward, we were able to visit the hospital and see the little baby girl. As soon as I walked into their room my eyes filled with tears. I had to do everything I could to hold them back because I had never met this couple before and I'm sure they didn't want some strange girl bawling in their peaceful room. The Spirit was so strong! I look at the tiny little one in awe. It's crazy to imagine that just a day ago she was inside her mothers belly! Holding her was so amazing. The way she just gazed around, barely opening her eyes. The whole thing was beautiful. (Jordan keeps making fun of me for saying that, but we'll see what happens when WE'RE the ones in the hospital with our new baby). As we were leaving the birthing center, a young couple was anxiously waiting for the elevator. The wife was trying to control her breath, while her husband, nervous and excited, held one hand on her back, and juggled their "hospital bag" in the other. Again, I was overcome with emotion (yes that sounds corny, but its true..blame it on hormones if you will) as I realized what was about to happen for them. As soon as we got outside I shouted "I want our baby NOW!"... I think I am the most impatient mother-to-be ever.

It was such a special day. I was so happy to experience that, especially with Jordan at my side for all of it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

15 weeks...

Today marks the completion of week 15! According to various websites (that Jordan makes fun of me for obsessing over :) ) The little one is about 4 1/2 inches long and between the size of an apple and a naval orange. (The fruit comparison is really helpful). My stomach is really starting to push out and I'm starting to look more pregnant, and less fat/constipated/bloated/etc... Although, most people are still afraid to ask. (I would be!).
Jordan loves the little bump! He's getting really excited to be a daddy. I would write more cute things he does, but he'll get embarrassed and tell me it's not true.

My Molly is Back!

This past weekend, Jordan and I drove to Twin Falls, ID to attend the wedding/sealing of our friends Scott and Tristan. It was a gorgeous wedding (although REALLY COLD when they came out of the Temple), and they both looked amazing together. It's so cool to see two people so happy together, and know that they are so right for each other. We are so happy for them!

While we were waiting for the luncheon to start, I was busying myself with my iPhone, and got a facebook message from one of my best friends, Molly Weir! Who was serving in the Santiago West Mission. Apparently, she was back!! I made myself crazy all day trying to figure out a way to get a hold of her, and finally yesterday, we were reunited! (Okay, our voices were at least..)

It was so good to hear her sweet voice! Best of all, she's coming up to Rexburg to start school here! We're not sure when exactly, but it was the best news I've received in a long time! I'm so happy she's back, healthy and well!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shout out to the Stanley boys.. and Men!

I was out running errands with my sister-in-law Paige today and, as usual the topic of conversation was our husbands. (Paige is getting married to my brother-in-law Ryan in 3 weeks)! The conversation lasts us the few hours that we are out and about and we just gush and goo over how cute they are, and what wonderful guys they are. If my single friends are reading this right now they will hate me. 1. for having a blog in the first place, and 2. for being so mushy about how great married life is.. sorry girls!
Anyway, I got to thinking about how lucky we are to be married (or almost married) to Stanley boys. There are only 2 left ladies, so get in line (and wait for about 10-14 years) because Landon and Evan are the last two on the market. Oops! Sorry Laurie! These two aren't exactly on the market yet, but in a few years they will be. So here is my tribute/rant/soap box shout out/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, to the Stanley Men.

First of course, are the two people responsible for creating the Stanley boys: Jordans parents, Mike and Laurie.

Shawn is Jordans oldest brother, and is married to his beautiful and very sweet wife, Traci. Shawn and Traci live in Olympia Washington and they are ALWAYS going off on little excursions and adventures. I love that about them!

Next in line is my brother-in-law Ryan, who I've gotten really close with the last 7 months. I am so appreciative of his close relationship with Jordan and how much he does for him and I. He and Paige are always inviting us over for dinner and games and movies, and it is so nice having them so close. In a few weeks, we'll all be living in the same apartment building which I am so excited about! Ryan and Paige couldn't be more perfect for each other or cute with one another. I can't wait for their wedding in a few weeks!

Then there's my Jordan! My love! He is the sweetest husband in the world! Not that it's a competition..not a close one anyways ;) I've already talked about him in my last post, so I'll spare you the redundance and post another photo of my handsome guy...

Last but not least are the youngest of the bunch, Evan and Landon! Still at home in Randolph, Wisconsin. Landon is going on 13 years old and loves the outdoors and wants to be like Survivor Man! Evan is 9 and loves video games and his big sister Holly.

All in all, I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband, father-in-law, and brothers-in-law. Even though I don't see most of them too often, they are still very special to me and I love them very much!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Not a Blogger...

I've been going back and forth about starting a blog for awhile now. I've had this page up for ages, but never wrote anything on it, or took the time to customize it because I'm not even sure I'll ever write on it. A lot of my friends (especially those with small children) have blogs, and yes they are fun to look at but I always thought it was just something everyone does.. so of course.. I wouldn't do it. Yesterday I was looking at my friend Vanessa's blog. It isn't anything out of the ordinary, but there was something about it I really liked. Maybe it's because I was able to follow her pregnancy and, being pregnant myself, felt a connection to her and her words. Who knows.. we'll see.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know me very well, or at all. I'm Courtney. Coco to some, and Coke to my husband. Jordan, is my loving and very crazy husband, but some people call him Butter. He's notorious for always saying "I love butter", which is funny because he'll only buy margarine. Everyone else around here calls him "J", but his mother hates it, so he is a man of many names. Call him what you will. To me, he's usually "honey". When he's in trouble though.. he's always "Jordan!".

We've been married for about 7 months now. Sometimes it seems like we've been married forever (in a good way), and I am so excited to be with him for eternity. We were sealed in the Nauvoo Illinois LDS Temple in August of 2009. It was such a perfect day!

Fast foward a little, and we are a happy little family of two (almost three!), living in Rexburg Idaho where Jordan is working on his Bachelors Degree in Pre-Vet Studies. He has about two more years left here and we're hoping to move back to Madison Wisconsin (where we're both from) for Vet School when he is finished here. With us though, it will be hard to say where we'll end up. We both change our minds often and we both have big dreams. Living in Madison would be great though.

I mentioned we are two, almost three.. We are expecting a baby in September! Right now I am about 14 weeks along (I'll be officially 14 weeks on Tuesday), and just starting to pop out a little. When I'm dressed however, I just look fat. We're not sure what we're having yet and I am so anxious to find out! There are so many great sales going on right now and I want to start shopping! I guess the mystery is a good thing for our budget right now. We should find out the sex around April 20th. I think it's a girl, Jordan wants a girl, and everyone else thinks it's a boy. Even all the little gender prediction tests out there say it's a boy. I can't wait to find out.