Monday, March 8, 2010

Shout out to the Stanley boys.. and Men!

I was out running errands with my sister-in-law Paige today and, as usual the topic of conversation was our husbands. (Paige is getting married to my brother-in-law Ryan in 3 weeks)! The conversation lasts us the few hours that we are out and about and we just gush and goo over how cute they are, and what wonderful guys they are. If my single friends are reading this right now they will hate me. 1. for having a blog in the first place, and 2. for being so mushy about how great married life is.. sorry girls!
Anyway, I got to thinking about how lucky we are to be married (or almost married) to Stanley boys. There are only 2 left ladies, so get in line (and wait for about 10-14 years) because Landon and Evan are the last two on the market. Oops! Sorry Laurie! These two aren't exactly on the market yet, but in a few years they will be. So here is my tribute/rant/soap box shout out/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, to the Stanley Men.

First of course, are the two people responsible for creating the Stanley boys: Jordans parents, Mike and Laurie.

Shawn is Jordans oldest brother, and is married to his beautiful and very sweet wife, Traci. Shawn and Traci live in Olympia Washington and they are ALWAYS going off on little excursions and adventures. I love that about them!

Next in line is my brother-in-law Ryan, who I've gotten really close with the last 7 months. I am so appreciative of his close relationship with Jordan and how much he does for him and I. He and Paige are always inviting us over for dinner and games and movies, and it is so nice having them so close. In a few weeks, we'll all be living in the same apartment building which I am so excited about! Ryan and Paige couldn't be more perfect for each other or cute with one another. I can't wait for their wedding in a few weeks!

Then there's my Jordan! My love! He is the sweetest husband in the world! Not that it's a competition..not a close one anyways ;) I've already talked about him in my last post, so I'll spare you the redundance and post another photo of my handsome guy...

Last but not least are the youngest of the bunch, Evan and Landon! Still at home in Randolph, Wisconsin. Landon is going on 13 years old and loves the outdoors and wants to be like Survivor Man! Evan is 9 and loves video games and his big sister Holly.

All in all, I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband, father-in-law, and brothers-in-law. Even though I don't see most of them too often, they are still very special to me and I love them very much!


  1. Very sweet Courtney! Thanks you for all the kind words about our wonderful sons. They (and now their sweet wives) are such incredible blessings in our lives!!!

  2. Yeah for the Stanley boys/men...actually, yeah for the whole Stanley family! It's a wonderful family to have married into. I'm glad you started a blog because it will be fun to see what you guys are up to. See you soon! Love ya!

  3. Yay for a blog! And yay for such wonderful husbands :)
    Which weekend are they getting married? And where? My little sis is getting married April 10th here in Rexburg.

  4. I LOVE your blog Courtney! You write very well and I enjoy reading your posts! I can't wait for more! You are officially on my blogroll, so I'll be checking back often! The Stanley boys 2 men lol are awesome! I have the best brothers ever! Love you Courtney and Jordan! See you soon!