Friday, January 20, 2012

Back, with a Project!

Lately I haven't really had the ambition to blog. There's been plenty going on, but I've been keeping a low profile in the blogging world I guess.

Today I had to post my exciting new project that I just did this morning! It probably won't be exciting to anyone except for me but I'm going to share anyway. So when Jordan and I were engaged and registering for wedding gifts, we found a gorgeous comforter/bedding set at Target called "the kissing pleat comforter". I think it was about $80 for a queen. We didn't end up getting it as a wedding gift so we bought it ourselves shortly after we were married. Sadly, it was made kind of crappy and started to fall apart right away. So, we took it back and found something else. Since then, we've seen a few other versions of the kissing pleat set at places like Nordstroms and Anthropologie for over $300! Every time we see it, we swoon and sigh knowing that $300 ain't happening for something as simple as bedding.

Recently I've been looking for new projects and googled the kissing pleats. It turns out a few others have made their own versions, so I decided I could too! I found some fabric at walmart for only $3/yard. Jordan loves anything paisley (me, eh...I'm fine with or without it) and I thought he'd really like the print. I used an old white sheet we had at home for the underside and created our own, customized kissing pleats duvet cover! The total cost? $18! I'm going to have to get a little more fabric if I want pillow cases to match... So let's say $25.. But still! Such a steal! Jordan hasn't seen it yet and I'm excited for his reaction!

***just and update. I also thought I'd throw in the new bedding I made Axel. The original bedding I received from my shower registry was expensive and sadly didn't even last very long (I'm noticing a pattern here..), so I made him a new crib sheet and skirt, and also a pillow case with a matching blanket..


  1. Very cute Court and you did a great job with the sewing! I really like it. Is it stuffed with anything?

  2. That is lovely! You should move here soon and show me how to do all of these cute projects. We seriously need to revamp our bedding, I need to try this. Good job!

  3. That is so cute! It looks great!

  4. You did a great job on the comforter and your boy's bedding. It looks great!