Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Trip to L&D

We had a pretty interesting day today. With tomorrow being my birthday, we had big plans for our Saturday; first we were going to take Axel to the Madison Children's Museum, then have lunch with my family, and then do whatever we wanted... But things changed a bit..

Around 7am, while Axel and I were waking up, snuggling and watching sesame street I felt what I thought was a Braxton Hicks. But instead of the usual feeling it was really strong and kind of hurt. I changed positions and a few minutes later another one came. My entire stomach would get tight and hard, and I had a strong, painful pressure in my pelvis. In 30 minutes I had had about 6 of them. I text Jordan and called my mom and both suggested I call the on call doctor. I didn't want to because I didn't want to be "THAT pregnant lady". But as the contractions continued, I finally called and the doctor said I should go in. Jordan was at work so I had to wait for him to get home and then we left.

Jordan and Ax dropped me off because Jordan had an Elders Quorum meeting and I didn't think I could REALLY be in labor. I figured if things got serious they could come back, but whats the point of them just sitting there?

Once I checked in they hooked me up to the monitors and lo and behold, I had real contractions coming! I was pretty much in disbelief. Everyone always assured me that I'll definitely KNOW when I get a REAL contraction, and since I was so unsure I was positive they would send me straight home and tell me to drink more water or something. After about a half hour the contractions were coming every 2 minutes! They checked my cervix and luckily I wasn't dilated. I was 50% effaced but the nurse didn't seem concerned about that. They did some blood work and took a urine sample and both came back great. They also checked to see if my water had broken and it hadnt, so aside from the on-going contractions, things looked good. Eventually they gave me a muscle relaxer to try to stop the contractions and it worked! After a few hours the contractions tapered off completely and I was sent home.

I am so thankful that our little boy decided to stay put for awhile! As anxious as we are to meet him, we'd really prefer to meet him when his lungs and other parts are better developed!

The belly picture was taken early this morning, just before the contractions started (I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow). The second picture is at the hospital with the monitors on.


  1. Holy Crap! Scary! Glad to hear he decided not to come early and that you're doing well!

  2. Oh my! I already told you how scared I was as I was reading this. Crazy! But, you are so stinking cute pregnant! Seriously! These pictures make me miss you so much!

  3. I remember those monitors all to well; wore them for months when I was in and out of the hospital with B/S. Hope it doesn't continue or you might have to go on bedrest!! Can you imagine that with Axel? I was on magnesium sulfate alot to stop contractions.

    Glad it turned out well and you were able to return home... with the baby where he belongs, in your tummy and not your arms!

    Love you.

  4. Mags, I didn't know you were in the blogging world! Thanks for your response. I seriously cannot imagine being on bedrest with Axel. I think if they told me to be on bedrest I would probably just laugh. Thanks for the well-wishes. Miss you!

    1. I follow blogs, but don't have my own. Maybe someday. Miss you too!

  5. Hey, cool blog. WORD. Good luck with the baby.

  6. Reuben Collins! Long time no.. see? Haha! You must be friends with Kristy! Hope you're doing great :)

  7. Wow, sounds a little scary and stressful. Glad they were able to stop the contractions. Now just take it easy for the next few weeks until you're full term! On the plus side, you look so great! Everyone should look that awesome while pregnant.