Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Planning

If you've ever looked at clothing on pinterest, you may have noticed an awesome website called Polyvore ( This has got to be one of my favorite new websites ever. It is simply genius. It allows you to put together an outfit from thousands and thousands of clothing options. Not only that, but if you really like something it will give you the price and link to purchase the item. Sadly, everything I have put together is way out of my price range so I've never purchased, but sigh.. a girl can dream.

Anyways, with a new baby coming in only a few weeks I have been thinking a lot about the family pictures we are hoping to have taken this spring. We have the spot all picked out (wouldn't you like to know... not telling just yet.. but it's pretty cool - at least to us). Anyways, Jordan makes fun of me to no end but I am already planning our outfit options in my head and thanks to polyvore I have put my ideal clothing set into one look!

Family Pictures '12

You should try it!

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