Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovin' the Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I will warn you now that this will post will probably consist of some bragging, so if you're not into it STOP READING!

Last night Jordan took me out on an early Valentines Day date (to avoid the crowds.. Yes, we're old farts). He had the whole thing set up! We took Axel to Grandma and Grandpa Stanley's house where he had a blast playing with his Uncles and Aunt. Then Jordan and I headed off to Madison. We stopped by Jamba Juice downtown and then headed to the movies and saw The Vow. The whole thing was a surprise! I can't tell you how much I love that he is into girly movies! It's the best!

We had such a fun night and really enjoyed some one-on-one time out of the house. I was so bummed that we forgot to take any photos the entire time, so I made Jordan smile for a picture right before we went to bed. I look like a doofus in the picture but oh well.

Then, this morning when I woke up I found a surprise Jordan had left for me! Some yummy candies (he knows me well!), a cutting mat for my sewing projects - which I've been wanting for months, and a super sweet note which I had to cover up in the picture because my husband can be a bit perverted. Still, it was super thoughtful and sweet and I didn't expect it at all! I felt so bad because for once, I didn't have any surprises planned for him! Thankfully I can cook a decent meal (not as good as my Mother-in-Law, who is seriously the worlds best cook), but my skills still came in handy. I wanted to make him a "guys meal" and since he went to a "Courtney restaurant" last year I had to go with something he would love. Jordan is a big fan of Wingers Sticky fingers, but we don't have a Wingers here in Wisco. I did find a copycat recipe though and it turned out really yummy! I also found an AMAZING French fry recipe on that Pioneer Woman blog. Seriously, if you're going to make home-made fries, use her recipe.

Now we're just winding down and enjoying some peace, quiet, and Teen Mom 2.

I am so so so incredibly grateful to have found, and married such an amazing man to spend eternity with. He is absolutely perfect for me and I do not deserve him! He is so uplifting and supportive, even when he doesn't have a clue what I'm freaking out about, haha. He is such a good dad to our sweet boy and so attentive to us both. I love him for being such a hard worker, and as cheesy as it is.. for being so sensitive. He really is my best friend.

Happy Valentines Day Friends!

Ps.. Axel was my Valentine while Jordan was at work. I'm so lucky to have such sweet boys!


  1. That food looks legit! It looks so delicious! Haha, your husband can be perverted...I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has a husband like that. ;) You guys are so cute and such a sweet and loving couple, and it's obvious just by looking at that picture.

  2. Thanks Lacey! Yes, I think our men are pretty similar in that respect. Probably one of the reasons they get along so well :) Hope you had a great Valentines Day! Catching up on your blog right now..