Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Time to Pray"

Lately Axel has been a total vocabulary sponge and surprising us when he'll randomly repeat something we say, or out of no where we'll hear him say something while he is playing. He isn't speaking in sentences or anything yet, but he is definitely learning words and communicating.

His definite words so far are:

Mama (although he only says it when he reaaally wants me or when he's annoyed and then he'll say "oh, maaaa" like "come on Mom, really?" It's funny)
Dawn (our apartment manager who Axel is in love with)
Night Night ("nigh-nigh")
Sock ("sssssah")
Whats this? ("whassiss")
I love you (Iiiii-rah-ooo)
Axel (Aaaa-cks-ah)

And his newest word? Pray. Oh my goodness, it is so cute to hear him say this. Maybe more so because we're quite religious, but just hearing his little voice say it is too cute!


  1. Whoa !! How crazy to hear him saying words !!! O.o And the way he says his 'r' most little kids is adorable :) I love to hear those sweet little voices. His is especially cute though :)

    Ooooh, how out little ones need to meet when Elodie is older !! I think he's the only little man I'll approve of for our little Elodie :)

  2. Since you brought it up, how do you feel about arranged marriages? lol