Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time For... *Updated*

Christmas Crafts! Awwwwww-yeah! That's right, now that halloween has come and gone I say it's fair game to get ready for Christmas! We're even supposed to get snow today! Actually, I'm not sure how excited I am about the snow but it will help me convince Jordan that it is definitely time to dig out the box of Christmas decorations we have acquired so far in our lives together. Up until a day or two ago we've had the most glorious fall weather anyone could ask for! Gorgeous tree's, sun, comfortable mild weather (with chilly nights), oh.. it's just been perfect, so I suppose I can't complain too much now that Mr. Winter is headed our way. (Just wait until January.. I'm sure I'll be complaining by then... this is Wisconsin after all).

So, back to the Christmas crafts.. there are so many things I would like to do, but our budget is quite limited at the moment so I need to keep my head above water and not go too crazy. I found a really great tutorial for a no sew ruffled tree skirt (thanks pinterest). Here is the link, To make it more affordable I made some little changes. For example, instead of buying the painters canvas (which was $20 - I could have bought a pretty tree skirt for $20) I bought a painters...something else for only $5 and it is working just fine. Then, instead of buying fabric I went to goodwill and found a sheet. I would have preferred a different color or pattern, but oh well. This works and I can always add some sort of embellishment. Plus, no one will really be looking at the skirt too closely anyways. If anyone is under the tree I'm sure they'll be digging for gifts, not examining my craftsmanship, ha. The project is a pain in the hiney to say the very least. It took me about 2 hours just to get as far as I did and I'm not even finished. That's a lot of time for a preggo lady to be hunched over on the floor! Here is my progress. I am hoping to finish it today or tomorrow, but this week is a crazy week for homework so we'll see what I get to.. priorities you know..

Oh, and if you haven't been able to enjoy this little treat.. here you go. Poor little guy.. being 1 is tough stuff! All because I wouldn't let him play with Daddy's sharp tools! He was pretty worn out after this, and we had a lovely little snuggle.

Just had to update... I finished the skirt! I am so happy with the way it turned out and can't wait to put it under the tree! And, I have already begun my next project. It's not such a big deal so I'll show you those later.. but here is the finished skirt!


  1. I love the tree skirt! It looks like a lot of work, but it is very pretty!

  2. That tree skirt is gorgeous! I saw it on your pinterest and really wanted to make one too. Thanks for the tips to save money. And Axel is super cute. Even when having a meltdown. :)

  3. Are you sewing it by hand or with a machine ???!!! Machine I hope !!! The finished product looks lovely. I too, hope to sew a nice Christmas Tree skirt. They are sooo festive !!

    The video of Axel is soooo adorable !!! I love how he rolls around on the floor when he is freaking out !!! He's such a little cutie (did he get a haircut as well ??-if so, it looks nice :) )

    Also...I totally am requesting a future blog post. CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS !!! I would love to read what Christmas traditions you loved as a child growing up (Jordan too) as well as what you plan to bring into your family now :) !!!!

  4. Now I want to make one :-) you should see the skirts I'm making the girls. yes that's right! I'm learning to sew!