Thursday, September 1, 2011


The day has come. The glory day. The day where the opera vvoices "aaaahhhhh" and rays of sun shine down... on our bedroom. Haha, where am I going with this? We have a bed. A BED! For the first time in almost a year. We are once again sleeping on a real bed. When we moved back to Wisconsin from Idaho, we sold our bed to keep moving costs down. Thinking we'd get by on an air mattress for a few weeks, we were fine with the idea. Well, weeks turned into months, and still.. no bed! The other day, my sweet, thoughtful cousin Drew called me and asked if Jordan and I want their Queen Tempurpedic bed. For FREE! They decided to upgrade to a King and were going to put their Queen on the curb. Instead of the curb, it came to us.. and it is not a curb piece! Oh the comfort I felt as I lay in bed last night without the sound of the canvas air mattress in my ear, and without the worry of having to re-inflate the bed the next morning.

Thank you Drew! We love our new bed!

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  1. Oh goodness...I cannot imagine sleeping on an air mattress for MONTHS....a week...MAYBE..but oh man, you are one strong lady to be able to handle months !!!

    How awesome is your cousin to gift you this amazing comfy bed !!!! Woot woot for a good nights rest from now on :)