Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazing Baby. Amazing Weekend.

Today I am ever so grateful for the people who made this weekend so special and fun! Yesterday, I started my day with a very long foil session with my co-worker, Chelsie. She spent 3 hours putting highlights into my hair to give me the blonde I have been longing for ever since I made the mistake of going back to brunette. I am not only grateful to Chelsie for being so talented, but for being so sweet and patient as she stood on her feet for so long. She's expecting a baby and that could not have been comfortable. So thank you Chelsie. I love my hair!

After my hair appointment, I rushed home to help Jordan get the house ready for AXEL'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Friday night we had gone to the store and bought everything we would need and I made the fondant for Axel's cake that night so it would be less work on Saturday. When I got home we started to prep the food and get the decorations ready. At first we were really feeling rushed but as things came together we had a blast! We didn't get many RSVP's but were suprised and had a great turn out! The cake smash was really fun as well.

Before the party even ended, I had to disappear and get ready for Jordan's high school reunion. As people slowly started to leave, we cleaned up and got ready to go. I am so grateful to my dear Mother who stayed and helped clean up so Jordan and I could get ready to leave. Then, Jordan's sister Kelly came over straight from a long day of work and watched Axel while we were gone, and she cleaned EVERYTHING! It was such a sweet and relieving surprise to come home to after such a long day. She did all the dishes, swept, vacuumed, cleaned up the big cake mess, put the food away, and cleaned off all the counters, on top of taking care of our sweet birthday boy! Our house looked so nice. She also spent the night and we had some fun chats. Thank you so much Kelly! You are going to be such a good wife and future mother!

The high school reunion was fun, but I always feel a little out of place among all of Jordan's high school friends. We had a nice time, but let's just say it was everything I expected it to be; A lot of drinking and friendly banter. It was nice getting to know Jordan's high school friends though, and finally putting faces with names.

The next morning (Sunday) Jordan made a yummy breakfast and we had a nice relaxing morning. It was fun talking in detail with Kelly about some of her ideas for her wedding (in December)! I was so excited that Axel fit in his adorable shirt he got for his birthday.

It was such a glorious weekend and I am so grateful for everyone who helped make it so fun! I am so happy to be Axel's mommy. I love my big boy more than anything and find new things to gush over each and every day.

At this time, here are his stats:

*He is 30" long and weighs 29lbs (a year ago he was 20.5" long and weighed 8.9lbs)
*He's wearing size 2T comfortably, but will fit into 18-24months.
*He speaks a lot of gibberish, and calls everyone he loves "da-da". His toys he calls "da".
*He is starting to take steps on his own, but isn't quite there yet. I'm sure he'll be a great walker in a month or so.
*He loves spaghetti, chicken, blueberries, strawberries, and his milk.
*He loves to look at books and "read" them to himself.
*He LOVES dogs, cats, and other animals, but dogs are his favorite.
*Music by The Fresh Beat Band or Laurie Berkner get him dancing every time! He loves to dance.
*He loves to splash in the tub and suck on his sponge. (It's so gross but makes him really happy).
*He loves to "scare" Mama and Dada when we are all laying in bed. He will go to the end of the bed and say "raaah!" with big eyes and a big smile and Jordan and I pretend to get scared. Axel thinks it's hilarious and cracks up every time.
*Axel loves other kids, especially his friends Kylie and Gabe from church.

I love you Axel Jay! You are my shining light and give me a happiness I never could have imagined! You've changed my life and taught me so much (especially patience :D). Thank you for being so smiley, funny, and sweet. Happy Birthday big boy! We love you!

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, two posts from you in such a short period of time ??? Am I dreaming Courtney ?? The cake you made is sooo cute :) And those cupcakes look incredibly delicious. I would really like to eat one. What is the basis of the 'cake' it lemon, white, chocolate...??? And the frosting ? If you tell me, I can close my eyes and pretend to eat it more realistically :) hehe !! But the party sounded lovely :) You are so lucky to have your mom nearby to help you out with things like that. Well, family in general. How nice of Jordan's sister to look after Axel as well and CLEAN UP YOUR FLAT while you were gone !!! How CUTE is she :)

    Axel sounds like he is just learning, learning, learning !!! I love that he calls his toys 'da' and thinks he truly can scare you while making scary noises :) He seems to be such a sweet and loving boy :)

    It sounds like Saturday was quite busy for you though with setting up for the party, the actual party, and then the reuinion. Oh goodness gracious, the reunion. I will never attend one and thank god they don't do them here in Germany !!! You are a brave girl for going !!!

    Please keep up with regular postings such as this :)