Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jamie's Baby Shower

Yesterday I had the honor of throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends ever, Jamie Orr! She is almost 38 weeks pregnant with her second child, a baby boy who she will name Benny. We are so excited to meet him any day now!

When I was pregnant with Axel, Jamie went all out and gave me lots of cute baby items. As if that wasn't enough, she then threw me a baby shower (with my Mom) and showered me with attention, and even more baby items! I am one lucky girl to have such a generous and thoughtful best friend. I love you Jamie! Right before we left Rexburg, I decided to return the love and throw Jamie a shower for baby B! After scouring the web in search of some inspiration, I decided on a circus/carnival theme! I have to say, the invitations were one of my favorite things..

The morning of the shower was a near disaster as Jordan and I didn't leave Milwaukee until about an hour before the shower was to begin, and our gps said it would take us 2 hours to get to Oshkosh (where the shower was held, at Jamie's home). I was freaking out in a big way. Then, as we were hitting the freeway, Jordan hesitantly said that he had forgotten to take the main part of the meal out of our freezer! WE WERE WITHOUT FOOD! All I had with us was junk food. This wasn't going to be the perfect shower I had so happily planned, without the main food! So... I cried. I cried really hard. Jordan felt terrible and rubbed my back and told me it would be okay so I stopped crying. Then I started again... even harder than the first time. This lasted about a half hour. I calmed down, dabbed my eyes, and reminded myself that Beverly Hills Real Housewife Lisa, would never behave in such a way, and decided to woman up and solve the problem. Jamie's mother in law could make a stop on her way to the shower and pick up what we needed.

Everything turned out! The display looked great, and my cake was a hit! (This was my first fondant cake, and I was pretty nervous to serve it in honor of my friend who is a pro at making them..) The theme carried out well, and Jordan was such a big help! We all had a wonderful time!

For the food I tried to copy as many carnival/circus foods as I could, without it having a cheap feel. The table was covered in bazooka bubble gum, cotton candy in mini muffin cups, popcorn, apples dipped in caramel, mini corn dogs, pretzels, potato salad with blue cheese and bacon (only we forgot to take it out of the fridge at Jamie's haha..) and moon pies!


  1. Oh Courtney, it looked adorable! So sorry about the chaos--I would have cried, too! But it all worked out great, so good job!
    The cake was so cute- fondant is not easy!

  2. Courtney, everything looked so awesome! Great job throwing a great party! I can't believe you made that cake. It looks fantastic!