Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Moved In! ...mostly.

Finally, I feel like we are at home. We've been in our new apartment for about a week and a half now and as we continue to add our personal touches and decorative items it is really starting to feel like our place. Axel really seems to love it here, which is always a good feeling for me.

When we got here we had nothing as far as furnishings go, but in the last week we've somehow stumbled upon some INCREDIBLE deals. We have been seriously blessed in finding really nice furnishings for our place for prices that you would never expect! We are really happy with the way our living room has turned out, and we filled it up for about 75% less than it should have cost! We are very lucky!

Here are some photo's of our new place (minus the bedrooms as we do not have a dresser yet so our clothes are EVERYWHERE!)

The entrance to our apartment comes into the kitchen..

From the kitchen, there is a door to Axel's room, a door to the bathroom, and you can walk into the living room..

I LOVE our bathroom! It's pretty lacking on cabinet space, but I love the colors and the whole ambiance of the room. There is a door in the bathroom that also goes into the master bedroom (but like I said, you don't get to see that room yet..)

Our living room is a great size for the three of us, and fits our furniture perfectly. I've never really looked at red couches, but we got a fabulous deal on these, and I think they look nice in this room. We've also had our eye on cowhide rugs for quite awhile. We were thinking of saving up for one to buy in Jackson Hole, WY but they were still pretty expensive. While we were at IKEA we found one that was used as the display rug, so it was REALLY inexpensive! Yay for us! We live in what seems to be a pretty progressive neighborhood though, so I don't know if we'll be able to invite our neighbors over without them thinking we are animal haters haha. We're not!

So there you have it for now.. once we get the rest of the place in better shape, I'll post more pics :)

Lately Axel has been astounding us with his developments and growth! He is getting so strong and determined to do his own thing! Nothing gets past this little guy! He's still trying to get those teeth through his sore little gums, but he has been a trooper through this painful teething phase, and it looks like a couple of them should be poking through any day now.

He loves to try to sit up on his own. If he is leaning on one of us he will do anything he can to try to sit up! He's almost got it down on his own, but needs a little bit more balance before we let him do it without close watch. He is also well on his way to crawling! He loves being on his tummy and if he could only get his arms moving with his legs.. he'd be moving all over the place! Right now he has the concept of pushing his legs to get him going, but he doesn't really know what to do with his arms yet, so he can't quite get where he wants to go. He's almost there!
I feel so blessed to have a flexible job that allows me to be home with Axel so much! It is so much fun watching him grow and make connections. He is such a sweet boy with so much energy! He LOVES to talk. It's so funny to listen to him just jabber away to Jordan and I.

I have a few more photos I want to post, but something is up with my browser and it's not letting me click on the link to upload, so I'll post more later.

Anyways, it's great to have a "home" and start getting to know our new city!


  1. cute lil home!!! I love the red couches!

  2. oh i love your place! axel is getting soo big! miss you guys!

  3. I love the look of your neighborhood. AND I LOVE THAT YOU LIVE IN A PROGRESSIVE neighborhood. I doubt they will be judgmental!