Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Announcement!!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that we have some exciting things happening in the future. Now that one of them is official, I am excited to announce it! We are moving back to Wisconsin in December! The original plan was to hopefully move there in 2 years when Jordan finishes his undergrad here at BYU-I, and live in Madison so he could do med school at UW-Madison, but a few weeks ago while watching General Conference, Jordan felt that he should apply to transfer NOW. So he applied to UW Milwaukee, UW Madison, and UW Lacrosse. He was accepted by UW Lacrosse, and UW Milwaukee, but Madison has a strict policy that all students must have taken 2 years of foreign language in high school and Jordan took one, so we are going to MILWAUKEE! We just got the official letter of acceptance this morning and have been so excited to share the news! I've really never spent much time in Milwaukee so this will be a fun new adventure for us! The neighborhoods surrounding the campus look really nice and green and they are close to the lake! It may not be so wonderful in the winter, but the other three seasons will be great! Not to mention, we will be so close to our families! This is a huge plus, especially because Axel is so young. I think his grandparents are going crazy right now with excitement!

So, we will be leaving Rexburg at the end of the semester for good. It is really bittersweet though. We have the most wonderful ward ever and have made so many close friends here. It will be sad to say goodbye to such wonderful people, but fun to stay in touch. We are so lucky to have such good friends here.

We don't have an apartment yet or anything really but I have been looking around on craigslist and emailing some people. We would like to get that set up soon. Ideally, I would like to be moved in somewhere as close to the 1st of January as possible. In the meantime we can stay with our parents, but it is so nice having your own place and it will be fun decorating and getting to know a new neighborhood! I will find out tomorrow if I can transfer my job with Image to Wisconsin. This would be HUGE for our family as well! The territory is so much bigger and has so much potential, it would be a gold mine and a GREAT job to have while Jordan is in school. If I can transfer it to Wisconsin it would be something I can keep long term as well, so we are really hoping it all works out. I will speak to the President of the company tomorrow. I hope she is enthused about it as we are! Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow Axel will be 2 MONTHS OLD! I can hardly believe it! He is just the cutest little boy I have ever seen and we fall more and more in love with him each day. His fussiness is still calming down quite a bit and he has been such a happy little guy lately. He is getting into some routines which is nice, and getting more comfortable with other people around. He still wants his Mama though after a little bit, and that is such a sweet feeling. He is becoming such a little cuddle bug too! I keep trying to catch his big smiles and squeals on camera, but I always seem to miss the really good ones! I was able to get a few though and his little smile is so darling! I have to apologize though for the spit-up, and the annoying sounds coming out of my mouth. It's sad how silly you can sound when you become a parent. Please don't judge!

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