Monday, April 11, 2011

My Resilient Little Man

Recently I've been asked by different people if Axel has been sick yet in his life. Each time I've very cautiously replied "No, we're really lucky he's been so healthy so far..". With each word I knew I was jinxing our family, and as it goes, Axel is sick. He's caught himself a wee cold that has him sneezing, drooling, and miserable. He has a fever, is clammy, irritable, and a very running nose that he does not want me to wipe for him.

I hate seeing my happy little boy in such a miserable state! It is pretty exhausting for all three of us and I can't wait for this to pass. However, I have to express my gratitude for my sweet baby's ability to try to enjoy things. All day today he has only wanted to be held. I've been so worried about causing him any more pain than he is already in, but somehow we ended up playing a little game of jumping on the bed and his laughs absolutely warmed my heart! I love Axel Jay Stanley so much! His loud laughter puts the biggest smile on my face and I love that he thinks his Mommy is so much fun!

(I apologize in advance for the back fat shots and my blinding white skin!)


  1. oh my gosh that was so cute! i love his cute little raspy laugh...also- back fat is part of motherhood:)

  2. Adorable. I remember days like this so well. Enjoy every second.