Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Love Love My Boys!.. LOVE THEM!

We've been here in Milwaukee for almost 2 months now and are starting to feel pretty settled in. We are really loving our little apartment and feel so blessed to have all the furnishings we need and then some. Jordan is doing well in school and really likes the change in scenery from BYU-Idaho. There are definitely things we miss about Idaho, namely our dear friends and family out there, and I really miss the sunsets. Here in Milwaukee there is so much more to do, and we really enjoy the diversity of the city.

We survived the crazy blizzard a few weeks ago and enjoyed Jordan's snow day off of school; all of us cooped up in the house just hanging out for the day.

Axel is getting so big! Yes, he looks (and is..) pretty chunky, but the boy is SOLID! We finally got our insurance figured out and I was able to get him into a long over-due Doctor's appointment today. I LOVE our new clinic. Everyone is really nice, and I don't mean to brag (but I'm going to..) they all LOVED Axel! He charms the pants of women with those gorgeous baby blues of his. He is 26 inches long and weighs 20lbs! His new doctor is really nice and answered all of my pending questions, and after a thorough examination he exclaimed (no, he didn't exclaim..) that Axel is a big strong healthy boy...who is overdue for his shots! The one thing I didn't like so much about this new place is that the nurse took her sweet old time administering the shots into my babies legs. The first time he got his shots it was over in a few seconds, but this lady made it last over a minute! Axel cried, of course but quickly calmed down and showed his Mama what a big brave boy he is! After we left the Doctor, it was almost time for Jordan's shift to end at Noodles. So Axel and I had a little lunch date there and waited for Daddy. He is so cute sitting in high chairs. He loves feeling all grown up!

Yesterday was Valentines day and we really didn't have anything planned. I just wanted to go out to eat somewhere in the city and try something new. That's one thing about being here and being so busy.. there are soooo many awesome restaurants I want to try, but we never have time. Most evenings when Jordan eventually gets home I am ready to fall asleep. Anyways, so I didn't see him all day on Valentines Day, and when he did get home Axel and I presented him with his present that took me like 2 weeks to finish! I made him a big subway art collage with all my favorite memories we've had since we started dating. It turned out pretty cool!

My gift from Jordan was the sweetest, cutest, funniest little poem. It made me laugh, and cry and I'm going to frame it. He kept it in first draft form, so it still has all his little changes and scribbles and to me, that makes it even more special. I would share it, but sometimes Jordan's humor can be a little too much for people.. so I'll keep it to myself haha..

For dinner, we went to this little a la cart Persian restaurant close to our place, called Shiraz. It was soooo good! I really loved that Jordan chose this place because when we met, he had a very simple palate, and now he's really getting into more eastern foods and different tastes.. which is great for me! We can branch out from the usual meat and potatoes meals and try new and interesting things!

I don't remember what I said to him to make him smile in this photo, but I LOVE when he makes that face. Melts my little heart, it does!

Oh yes, and I am now a brunette! It went a little more red than I wanted, but I'll deal with it. Blonde hair is great, and I loved being blonde.. but for now it is just too much maintenance and I needed a change. So for now, I'm back to my roots.. or pretty close to them.

Lately Axel has become SO VOCAL! It's hilarious most times, but in the middle of the night when he decides he wants to shout and play... errrmm.. not so hilarious. I love that he is trying to communicate with us though! He really comes alive around his daddy. He loves his momma, but he worships Jordan! He will just stare and stare and he'll squeal when Jordan comes home at night. It's so touching to watch the love between them! Axel is such a determined little guy. He's on his way to crawling, and is sitting up on his own. We've had a few topples, but he's usually on to the next thing before he can even get too scared.

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  1. Its so good to hear that you are doing well! You look absolutely AMAZING with that hair!! I freaking love it! Axel is such a doll! I love how chunky he is, such a cutie!